About us

Who we are?

AEI invites the widest interested public to get involved and participate in the development of agroenergy for the 21st century

According to the "helix" model, AEI gathers and connects scientific and professional institutions and all relevant stakeholders from the public, private and civil sectors in the fields of agronomy and energy.

The goal is to systematically build the capacities of the above-mentioned institutions and stakeholders to participate in projects that contribute to the development of agro-energy, the development of intersectoral cooperation and cooperation between domestic and international institutions and associations, as well as increasing the public influence and visibility of their activities and projects. Support for innovations and sustainable development of agriculture and sustainable agro-energy sources, advocacy for market operations and regulated market relations are also an important part of AEI's agenda.

What is our job?

Lobbying activities through EU associations

Top international experts gathered in AEI engage in lobbying activities with the aim of improving the general business conditions of companies in the agriculture, energy and food industry. There is a special emphasis on lobbying activities through EU associations and instances of international cooperation, preparation of candidacies for EU projects, preparation and publication of publications related to the sector, and the organization of important international conferences, symposia and workshops such as, for example, the Energy Democracy Summit / SED, which successfully brings together the leading energy companies in these areas.

Mode of action

AEI is managed by the Council of the Institute

According to the "quadruple envelope" model, the Council of the Institute brings together leading experts from the real sector, the academic community, state and local administration, and the government sector. The operational scope includes advisory activities and the preparation of expert studies in cooperation with leading European and domestic energy and agronomic experts with the aim of positioning the entire agro-energy segment, systematic promotion of energy efficiency in public space as well as continuous quality relations with the media. 

The goal is high-quality, objective and timely information to the public about key sector problems, exchange of experiences within the members of the Institute, as well as educational activities in the segment. This includes cooperation and assistance to members of the Institute related to communication with competent institutions, unification of the interests of small, medium and large companies through a common agro-energy and economic platform, as well as the exchange of experiences and good practices with EU associations and institutions with the aim of providing support for economic initiatives at the national level.

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